Basic Spa Pedicure $35
Nails are shaped, and buffed, cuticles maintained, feet are smoothed with scrubbing grains legs to toes massaged with lotion
The Healina Pedicure $45
This pedicure attends to problem calluses. Feet are dipped in a whirlpool of aromatic water, awakening the senses. Special callus treatment is applied to soften the area and slough and smooth away tough calluses and dry, cracked heels. This is followed by the basic pedicure, including hot towels
Special Panallin Pedicure $45
All the steps of a basic pedicure with a steaming towel and cooling gel plus feet dip in war soothing paraffin wax that is enriched with vitamin E for deep skin conditioning, and special cosmetic formula for extended heat, oil, and moisture retention. Hydrate and exfoliate your feet and soothe and relax tensed muscles and aching joints
Het Stane Pedicure $55
What better way to get those tired legs and feet ready for a Spa pedicure than with the warm to the relaxing touch of a hot massage?-The legs and feet are massaged gently and evenly with soothing warm river stones. The weight of the stone allows for a deeper relaxation while their natural energy helps to stimulate and rejuvenate. Then you have the pleasure of our Spa Pedicure to moisturize and hydrate the feet and legs, ending with soothing hot towels. Your feet and legs will never be so pampered
The MKE Oasis Delure Pedicure $55
The deluxe treatment pedicure takes the spa pedicure to the next level by using exfoliates to xxxx dead, unwanted skin. We use a special foot mask, which contains intense antioxidants, skin regenerating properties for hydration and skin rejuvenation. Your choice if cooling gel or paraffin wax completes the Deluxe pedicure, as well as hot towels. This will leave skin feelings refreshed while looking soft & silky
*** Add Gel Polish with Pedicure Purchase Extra $10 ***

Acrylic Nail

Full Set Gel Polish $50
Regular Full Set $40
Ombre $60
Fill Regular $30
Fill Gel Polish $40
Fill Powder $40
Fill Ombre $45
Dipping $45
Dipping Full Set $55
Gel Manicure $40
Manicure $30
Polish Change Regular $20
Gel Polish Change $25
Regular Polish < 9 years old $10
Gel Polish < 9 years old $20
Pedicure < 9 years old $25
Manicure < 9 years old $20
Fill Big Toe $5
Full Set Big Toe $8
Fill 2 Big Toes $10
Full Set 2 Big Toes $15
Full Set Toes $50

Extra Service

Deep French $10
Soak Off $10
Remove Nails $5
Nail Fix $5
Grow in the Dark $5
Chrome Set $10
3 Colors $5
5 Colors $7
6 Colors $10
Matte Topcoat $5
Soak off with service $10
Soak off without service $15
Cat eyes $10

Other Ours Services

Eyebrow $12
Lip $6
Chin $15
Eyelash Individual $35
Eyelash Extension $150
Half Legs $40
Full Legs $60
Under Arms $25